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About Eyewash Station Log

An eyewash station log is a record-keeping document that captures relevant information about the maintenance, testing, and usage of an eyewash station. It serves as a written account of all activities carried out with regards to the eyewash station. The eyewash station log is necessary for various entities, including: 1. Facility Managers: Facility managers need the eyewash station log to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. They are responsible for maintaining the eyewash stations in suitable working condition, performing routine maintenance, and documenting any repairs or modifications. 2. Safety Officers: Safety officers play a vital role in monitoring occupational health and safety in a workplace. They utilize the eyewash station log to verify that regulations are being adhered to, conduct periodic inspections, and ensure that employees are adequately trained on proper usage. 3. Employees: Employees who work in areas where potential eye hazards exist, such as laboratories, manufacturing facilities, or construction sites, may need to refer to the eyewash station log. They should be aware of the maintenance schedule, the location of eyewash stations, and details of any malfunctions or repair work to ensure their safety in case of an emergency. 4. Inspectors and Auditors: External safety auditors or regulatory inspectors also rely on the eyewash station log to evaluate compliance with safety regulations. They can review the log to check if the eyewash station has been properly maintained, tested regularly, and if employees have been trained adequately. The eyewash station log serves as a crucial document to ensure the efficient and safe operation of eyewash stations, proper maintenance, and compliance with safety regulations. It promotes a culture of safety awareness and accountability, benefiting both the employees and the organization as a whole.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eyewash Station Log

Instructions and Help about Eyewash Station Log

Ready okay we're going to touch on OSHA approved eyewash stations, so OSHA approved safety items are near and dear to my heart unfortunately many years ago, I went through an OSHA inspection. It was a building that I was working with a group that just acquired it. I'll be honest this building was a train wreck. OSHA happened to come in. We'd only been affiliated with the location for a couple of weeks. We absolutely got hammered on all things' OSHA. OSHA doesn't just come in and slap you on the wrist and say please fix it. Sure comes in and kicks you in the shin hands. Hands you a big fine and says you must fix it. So rather than wait on OSHA to come in and tell us to fix these things, let's be proactive and let's get ahead of the game. One of the biggest pet peeves that I have when it comes to Oslo approval is eyewash stations. It's really frustrating to me that people put things on the market, and they try to make you believe that it is OSHA approved. I've actually even seen in some catalogs it will say OSHA approved eye wash stations, and they're just simply not. The two biggest culprits that are done that way are the bottles. We've all seen them. The green uh plastic pieces that hang on the wall, and you've got a squirt bottle. Okay. It'll say wash station. The problem with that and the part of the code that that does not meet the code clearly says that it must be hooked to a continuous water source. We all know a bottle of water is not a continuous water source. We only have what's in the bottle when that's gone. Furthermore, we're done. Furthermore,...